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Prancey Dog is very happy to present an afternoon and evening of live music to celebrate 20 years of Jo Hodson's tenure at The Cumberland Arms, and 60 years of Chris "Prancey Dog" Trew being on the planet. We start at 3pm with free, unticketed live music on the terrace culminating in a set from Prancey Dog favourite Nev Clay.  At 6pm we head upstairs to enjoy a raucous evening with Haunted Hair, Moron-o-Phonics, Bad Amputee and Thomas Truax's 31st Prancey Dog gig.  Advance tickets are just a tenner each.

MUSH 2022.jpg

Prancey Dog is super-pleased to be working with the wonderful folk at Pop Recs in Sunderland to present our old friends, Leeds noiseniks MUSH.  Their new album "Down Tools" was released on July 8th on Memphis Industries“.

Support from the brilliant Roxy Girls.

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Jim Ghedi hails from the South Yorkshire hills and although clearly well versed in the history of Folk music, he stands out as a potential torch bearer for a new generation of respectful yet experimental performers.

Whilst Jim Ghedi’s previous idiosyncratic take on folk has often been instrumental, exploring the natural world and his relationship to it through his music, as seen on 2018's ‘A Hymn For Ancient Land’. His new album ‘In The Furrows Of Common Place’ is a deeper plunge inside himself to offer up more of his voice to accompany his profoundly unique and moving compositions. Departing away from previous work, here he draws from social-political observations, contemporary songwriting, historical & traditional material and a rich varied number of other inspirations and sources, such as the poetry of John Clare, the writing of Robert Macfarlane and the works of South Yorkshire author Barry Hines.

His new album ‘In the Furrows of Common Place’ released this year with Basin Rock record label is available through all outlets, plus there is a limited 300 special edition copies available through the Dinked Edition series in any local indie record store in the UK.

Support from the magnificent Yakka Doon.

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Prancey Dog is enormously happy to announce the return of our friends The Burning Hell with guests Nev Clay & Toby Goodshank and Mathias Kom.

Join Canadian garage-folk oddballs The Burning Hell in celebrating the release of their new album Garbage Island, a danceable romp through a fractured landscape of apocalypses near and far, celebrations of failure and escape, a dense medley of pop culture references, and plenty of birdlife.

The Burning Hell’s own Mathias Kom will be opening the show with a short set of songs from his new collaboration with Toby Goodshank, Miller Time, an homage to the late, great American weirdo songwriting genius Roger Miller.


"The wordy songsmith behind Canadian quintet The Burning Hell, Mathias Kom has a dry wit and sharp eye that elevate indie-rock tunes into offbeat storytelling treats."
Uncut Magazine

"Canada's The Burning Hell write the kind of literate, funny, catchy songs that makes
you want to learn all the words and shout them passionately back in their faces."
Drowned in Sound

Bug Club Nov22.jpg

The Bug Club’s name does a good job of introducing the band and their music: a tight-knit, collaborative effort focussed on telling tales of the everyday that we often take for granted, shot through with humour and riffs-a-plenty.

Imagine Jonathan Richman bought a really big amp and a time machine and found himself somewhere on the Nuggets compilation. Or perhaps Ray Davis palled up with Sterling Morrison, got really into The Minutemen and agreed that songs need not be longer than two minutes. Then, maybe, you’re almost where the Welsh three-piece are coming from.